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Are you looking to start your own beauty line or extend your current portfolio?

Bakic Beauty will help you create a unique and distinctive beauty experience!

In this fast-growing and ever-changing market, it is our belief to constantly inspire our customers, creating the next disruptive beauty innovation together.

We support a wide range of beauty brands in the development of new concepts, brand, and product launches, holistically managing the entire process, creating long-term value.

Contact our strategic team of innovative thinkers and creatives and let’s together create meaningful products, great brand narratives, inspiring textures and make your brand the next success story!


We create & care – you sell!

Our expertise

Our unique expertise is to develop  high quality, exclusive beauty solutions, driven by a passionate team of specialists.

Let’s go ahead and start the journey together!


We drive all phases of product conception for you : market research, concept development, formula and product performance evaluation, shade and texture validations, mass production… we’re here to guide you every step of the journey !


We stay up to date with new ingredients and technologies. Our deep understanding of the various and fast evolving needs allows us to create beauty products of tomorrow.


We‘re covering plenty of product categories ! Just consult us, we‘ll love to help your teams finding the perfect product for your market.


Our offer is complete, from packaging to formulation, including development, production, filling and assembly. Our team of specialists has a deep experience to run the most complex projects.


Bakic beauty is your one-stop store! We offer you ready to go concepts but always customizable, to adapt to your specific needs.

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Our Team

A team of enthusiastic and passionate people“ from different horizons across design, R&D, production“, with one focus : satisfaction of our customers first !

Bakic Beauty team is constantly building brands, starting trends, and developing entirely new product categories.

We’re driving new concepts in development of quality, on-trend, and innovative products at cost-effective way for our customers.

Sandra Latté

Director of Bakic Beauty


“Each customer is unique and so is our approach! In this fast moving beauty market, each brand requires a highly personalized experience with creative concepts and customized solutions. We’re here to assist through the different steps of a product development. We love what we do and we look forward to starting the journey with you!”



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