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4 ways to apply hydration to your skin

Skin that’s lacking moisture gets a dull complexion because it can not glow from within.
To apply the right dose of hydration and convey the perfect brand message you need the right products and packagings which the Bakic Group is going to present you with this newsletter.
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Lili Lip Oil Plumping + Hydration

The nourishing and rich lip oil texture with infused pigments leaves the lips smooth, plumped and slightly coloured. The texture is extremely comfortable to wear and provides a long-term voluminizing effect.
The vitamin E active ingredient is very effective in helping dry lips regain moisture.
The Lili lip-gloss packaging convinces through its soft geometric square shape. The thick wall 3ml bottle can be injected in crystal clear or coloured PETG and a great selection of flocked applicators are available.

Aqua Luxe Skin Care Jars

Enhance your skin care products with the classical yet iconic shape of the Aqua Luxe glass jar range.
The premium look and feel can be elevated through the application of numerous high-end decorations such as lacquering‘s, metallization‘s and hot-foils.
Besides that, the glass is as well available in 34% PCR Glass while retaining an excellent clarity performance. The jars are available in 50 and 15ml size.

Mila Skin Care Dropper

Droppers are the perfect cosmetic dispensers when precise dosing, as well as simple and safe usage is needed.
Dropper packagings are highly suitable for low viscosity formulas that shall be dosed drop by drop and they ensure that the formula is not contaminated while using and applying it.
The Mila dropper is available with an aluminum or plastic collar and can be combined with the Aqua Luxe 30ml glass bottle. A perfect packaging for your skin care product.

Slim Pan Airless Packaging

The Slim Pan Airless packaging looks high-tech and stylish, has a sleek ergonomically designed pump actuator, and is the ideal dispenser for skincare and cosmetic products.
Its dispensing system acts super precise and protects the formula from external contamination. The slim Pan technology is available in 15, 25 and 30ml volume and its appearance can be uniquely customized through a wide range of decoration options.

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