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The GOOD DESIGN® is regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious Global Award Programs for Design Excellence and Design Innovation. For 2018 more than 900 applicants from over 47 countries applied. The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN® program is on quality design of the highest form, function, and aesthetics a standard beyond ordinary consumer products and graphics and all awarded works represent some of the most innovative, cutting edge industrial, product, and graphic designs from around the world.

And we are amongst the winners with our design work for Bärbel Drexel!


Proud, happy, enthusiastic, …… we love it! Thanks!


Sustainable and in tune with nature is what Bärbel Drexels DNA is all about!

The relaunch focused on re-extracting BD`s brand essence, articulating its values and making them visible at each brand touchpoint.

Therefore, a brand identity and visual language was created that embodies a modern natural laboratory without conflicting with traditional naturopathy. The product portfolio was restructured; simplified, the packaging design was made clear with an expressive color code for easy orientation and the logo was modernized with a touch of premiumization, expressing the high quality of the research and development that flows into each recipe. The whole Corporate Identity has been rolled-out by us to each touchpoint, ranging from the catalogue to the e-commerce portals.

Logo Redesign

Packaging Design | Line-up Harmonization

Packaging Design Nutritional Supplements


Webpage Design