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bakic beauty full service make up collection

Have you thought of your new make-up collection ?
Not yet ? Keep it secret but we did it for you !
No time to deal with all details ?
Don‘t worry our team of experts will support you in all development phases.
We deliver the best of beauty
We create and care – you sell !


Lili Lipgloss

Show your lips with our Lili Lipgloss. With the great handling, 3 different super-soft flocked applicators and an ultra-light formula you will reach visibly smooth and radiant lips. The texture does not stick on the lips, it feels super light and caring. Its shimmer effect will be your makeup final touch! Ready to shine? this is your new Hero product!


Let your Eyes shine with our Mascaras. Each of the three Mascaras conjures up its own look. To get volumized eyelashes in a blink of an eye, take the brush with large spaces between the bristles for a spectacular catwalk appearance. To achieve a total volume impact, we have a medium thickness, soft and flexible fibre. The lashes will be captured one-by-one and strongly combed. The third mascara has a curved profile to make the application ergonomic, following the natural shape of the eye. Hence the brush will separate, thicken and lengthen your lashes. No matter which one you’ll choose, all eyes will be on you.

Mimosa 59`compact

Our Mimosa 59`compact is the perfect packaging for a scented luminizer that glides on smoothly and smells like a gorgeous perfume enhancing your charm. With a special formula consisting of an Amino Acid based functional powder, a mix of synthetic pearls, a combination of two different esters and specific silicons, modified biological polymer and a selected soft talc you will be surprised of the pleasant texture. Apply this product as the last step of your make up routine to get a sheer but buildable coverage and a gorgeous finish.

Mimosa 59`compact domed

Open our Mimosa 59`compact and experience our new formulated powder. Thanks to its light texture, our innovative water-based colored blush will immediately  give your skin a fresh looking finish. The texture enriched with a hyaluronic acid, asd peppermint oily extract, an innovative water-based foundation, a mix of talc and synthetic mica, a spherical and adhesive powder and a blend of silicones and a specific oil will minimize your imperfections and blur the fine lines. With a silicon sponge you will obtain medium coverage and therefore a flawless finish.