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With the growing demand for essential oils and other cosmetic products such as foundations and facial tints, the demand for droppers has increased strongly over the last few years.
With functionality, design, and sustainability taking center-stage, innovative and visually-appealing droppers are attracting consumers and boosting a brands performance.


Select from our very diverse range of droppers and glass packagings.
The Futura, Aqua, Cosima and Laurie glass bottles in 30ml and 50ml all come with droppers with plastic or aluminum collars.

Design makes a great difference in the Kairos 50ml glass bottle with plastic dropper

Trying new products and making spontaneous purchase decisions greatly depends on the image of the brand, the packaging and the graphic design. Ideally, the packaging design expresses the brand’s identity and its USP and activates the brand at the interface to the consumer.
The team of experts at Bakic Design assist many international customers through all steps of the process: from the strategy, to design, right up to brand implementation.

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True Retinol is shown above in the Aqua glass bottle 30ml and the Mila dropper, which is available with an aluminum or plastic collar.

Retinol serum

Retinol (vitamin A) is considered the new darling of skin care professionals. The trend promises an effective anti-aging effect, an even complexion or is even said to eliminate blemished skin – and is best used as a highly concentrated retinol serum. Time to take a closer look at the beauty elixir: We reveal everything about the trendy active ingredient, explain for which skin type the ingredient is best suited

What does retinol do to the skin?

  • Anti-aging: Retinol stimulates the body‘s collagen production and activates cell renewal in the top layer of the skin. In summary, this provides a younger, smooth and revitalized skin appearance.
  • Antioxidant protection: Vitamin A is considered a potent antioxidant that acts like a shield against free radicals. The cells thus remain intact and skin aging is slowed down.
  • Peeling effect: Retinol has a peeling effect on the skin. This lightens pigmentation spots, refines large pores and prevents them from clogging.

invisible foundation

A foundation for every occasion? Yes, there is!
And it comes in the Futura 30ml glass bottle with the Mila dropper.
The bottle has a sleek and elegant conical design which conveys a premium feel, and the surface is the perfect canvass for all kind of brand decorations. The Mila dropper is available in plastic and aluminum in different colors or in shiny gold and silver.

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The Cosima glass bottle 30ml with Mila Dropper is the perfect packaging for serums and oils. The shape of the bottle has a soft and feminine expression and is the ideal amendment to any skin care line. Contact us and we are happy to send you the corresponding samples.