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German Design Award Winner 2020 – Dr. Theo Krauss

New Year – first win!

Just in time for the start of the year 2020 we are proud to announce that our project “Dr. Theo Krauss” has won the German Brand Award 2020!

We are very pleased that our project was awarded, especially because this prize shows how important the topic of sustainability is and how it can be successfully implemented as a brand in a retail environment.

Already since 2009, we are very active with respect to sustainable packaging, focussing on design4recycling, reduction, and the application of sustainable materials for packaging innovations.

In our role as design agency and packaging supplier we have since then managed to consult and support numerous of our clients in the development and launch of sustainable packagings.

As an active member of the Rezyklat Forum and in joint collaboration with all members, we work together on solutions that make our future more sustainable and with a fewer CO2 footprint.

In the context of – Reduce – Reuse and Recycle – there are already some sustainable alternatives to existing packaging that brands can implement!

If you are also wondering how you can make your brand more sustainable – in design, branding and packaging itself – please contact us, we are happy to support you here!

In this sense we would like to thank you for the award for our project!

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