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I created it!

Personalization or “I created it” is a continuously growing trend fueled by a faster pace of life, the growing need for convenience and higher digital expectations from consumers. Nothing tastes as good, looks as good, or works as well as a product you helped to create. The “I created it” trend builds on the growing consumer desire for involvement, control, self-sufficiency, personalization, and transparency. Consumers are seeking out locally-made, artisanal, natural products in all consumer categories. A Deloitte study found that 20% of consumers are happy to pay a premium for personalized products or services and a GlobalData study reveals that 60% of global consumers find the concept of products they helped to create to be very appealing. Brands are seeking ways to involve consumers, allow them to put a personal note on the products they use or create products that appeal to be hand-made, crafted and carry local cues. A brand or product which creates this involvement immediately differentiates from competition and creates an emotional anchor which limits the likelihood of switching. Products we found that successfully apply this concept are:

Besides these products and brands, marketers can leverage e.g. hand written typo – reflecting individuality and the personal note. Packaging that looks ‘doodled’ and even deliberately childlike suggests a pure, honest product, a product somebody was strongly involved to create it. Or elements that convey a limited and handcrafted note such as brown recycled paper, soft transparencies or surfaces that are slightly uneven and not perfect.

It’s all about the experience

Today, everybody is searching for the most compelling experience!
The trend: “it is all about the experience” clearly expresses that and is strongly driven by millennial and Gen-Z mindsets, that an ‘experience is better that a product”. In addition, this experience only unfolds it’s full potential when shared on social media; ideally the experience is Instagrammable.
According to a study by Harris, 78% of millennials would rather spend money on an experience than a product, which is why many FMCG companies are adding a share of experiential into their products.

Unusual or category “strange” shapes, materials or graphics grab attention and create a special moment. Look at some of the examples that successfully apply these ideas:


With all these nice examples above, what idea comes-up in your mind for your next product developement?

Why dont we create something together?!

What about a flashing and singing disco cardboard or a childrens bath foam product which looks like a little shark! We are looking forward to your ideas, so leave us a message below @ CONTACT and we will get back to you!