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COME VISIT US – Hall Ravel, Booth RE09

We have a lot of new and exciting innovations regarding sustainability, design, functionality, textures and decorations, so don’t miss out and stop by, we are excited to see you!


We at Bakic Beauty have developed a new and innovative makeup line-up, which is not only your new go-to makeup line, but also the perfect skincare routine at the same time. Other makeup lines tend to dry out your skin, rather than moisturize it and maintain the balance, but GLOW UP reveals, highlights and enhances your natural beauty! The contained ingredients such as green tea extract, cucumber extract, sodium hyaluronate, bakhukiol, various oils and vitamin E result in a soft and sparkling look on the skin. The makeup line-up contains of a moisturizing cream concealer, a BB Cream, a transparent mattifying compact powder, a creamy poured blush and a rich lip oil. All products are made in Italy, 100% vegan, cruelty free and free of parabens, silicon and mineral oils.

GLOW UP contains precious and selected ingredients and offers soft color and coverage with the inclusion of added skincare benefits. That is why this line is not only a very special eye-catcher thanks to its unique design, but the products combine the best of both the makeup and the skincare world.

Aqua packaging collection

Did you know that glass is in fact 100% recyclable? Glass can also be recycled many times over, as it does not get worn out. Numerous studies suggest that when recycled glass is used, it even helps to reduce air pollution by 20%. But that’s not the only reason why we love glass at Bakic… The premium appeal, high quality and versatility when it comes to design and decoration is incredible. Our Aqua skincare line in a uniquely and expressive color hue with a soft-touch effect creates a modern and expressive monochromatic look and captivates with its timeless and elegant shape. The decoration and innovation possibilities are unlimited, whether you prefer bold and catchy colors or rather nude and simple ones.

The glass jars and bottles are available in recycled glass and represent premium appeal, stability and quality. The line-up consists of many different sizes, packaging types and materials, depending on your individual needs and is complemented by a uniquely A-shaped piston airless which offers great possibilities for decoration and innovation.

Naomi loose powder

In today’s digital world where the internet is overflowing with information, choices and intense competitors, it’s all about authenticity and uniqueness of a brand.

Our Naomi color line has a conical shape and reflects premium quality and high-end class. The loose powder compacts are available with an innovative mesh sifter system, which precisely doses the perfect amount of loose powder. This mesh can be combined with a custom structured silicone layer, adding unique designs to the sifter structure. This gives you the possibility to innovate your product with iconic functions and designs and create a very special experience tailored to your customers.

Contact us so we can brainstorm about your individual design and tell you about the latest trends regarding sustainability, post-consumer recyclates, bio-materials and refill solutions!