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Make-up Trends 2020

Matte lips are so yesterday, now the diva is back!

The latest trend is ultra shiny lips, also called “vinyl lips”. In bright colours such as red, pink and berry, this look is impressive with its rich, juicy and shiny finish. When choosing a lipstick, pay attention to high oil content, which enables a creamy application. Loud lips and quiet make-up: The rest of your make-up can be subtle, almost invisible – vinyl lips are statement enough.

Ideal for every look – our aluminium magnetic lipstick

Perfectly protected colours, both on your lips and in your handbag. Innovative magnet technology ensures that the cap and base gently close by themselves and stay closed, no matter where you keep your lipstick. Our Magnetic Lipstick is available in a round or square shape, is surrounded by a high-quality aluminium cover that enables a wide variety of decorations and has a godet/cup size of 12.7 mm.

Serum – luxury for your skin!

Serums are perfect when you want to give your skin an extra portion of nourishing moisture. At highest concentration, serums can contain up to three times as many active ingredients as conventional creams. Due to their light texture and particularly small molecules, serums are quickly absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin – this makes them as effective as possible in the shortest possible time. After cleansing the face, 2–3 drops should be gently massaged into the skin in a circular motion. Then, day or night treatments can be applied as usual.

Elegance with a maximum effect: Kairos 50 ml glass bottle

The perfect shape for nourishing serums – our Kairos cylindrical 50 ml glass bottle with pipette. Classy, simple and practical – this is what distinguishes the Kairo line. The outer shape captivates with its clean elegance, and our highly developed pipette system guarantees optimal residual emptying, as well as being drip-free. And if you also have day and night creams or toners in addition to the serum – our Kairo packaging line consists of a very wide range of multiple packagings; jars, bottles, caps in numerous sizes and materials!

Efficiency at the highest level!

Baking for a porcelain complexion!

With this make-up trend, concealer and foundation are applied as generously as possible to the skin and then dusted with loose powder. Then follows the baking phase: Wait 10 minutes before removing the excess make-up with a brush and start blending. The trick is that, during the waiting time, the product soaks into the skin, practically blends into it, resulting in an even, long-lasting, matt finish.

For a touch of nothing – Naomi Mesh Loose Powder

The new Naomi mesh loose powder compact (15 g powder) is a real highlight, which thanks to its integrated textile insert enables the perfect application of fine powder! And excess powder falls back through the mesh instead of flying around the bathroom! The perfect powder dosing, thanks to its innovative mesh technology.