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LET’S TALK ABOUT AGEC LAW | Jan. 17th & 18th | Stand: B123

And just like that our first trade show is almost here! We can’t wait to see many familiar and new faces at Paris Packaging Week on January 17th & 18th at Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibitions Center.

The AGEC law has stirred up the cosmetic industry quite a lot. We know that there are many questions going around, but we at Bakic Group have the answers you’ve been looking for! We have been working in the cosmetic industry for almost 3 decades and have been accumulating a unique portfolio ever since. Sustainability is part of our DNA – this is why we have many innovative AGEC law compliant packaging options for you!

And the best thing: These packaging solutions are quickly available as well! We have our own German production site in Fränkisch-Crumbach near Frankfurt where we specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality packagings for color cosmetics, closures and jars! Our focus is the highly efficient and technology-driven development, manufacturing, and decoration of packagings and components.

Make sure you stop by our booth and talk to our experts about it and get all the answers you’ve been looking for. Our stand is located here: B123


Our 250ml Smoothie bottle is one of the first truly innovative bottles on the market, because it combines a bionic design with a special technology that is used when producing this ultra lightweight bottle. We save approximately 50% of material compared to conventional bottles of the same size! The applied molding technology and the extrusion mold is engineered in such a specific way that a very thin parison can be extruded without losing stability and the needed homogenous wall thickness. The design of the Smoothie bottle makes sure that the bottle has stability and can properly be filled and labelled without compromising on functionality and usability. We not only save a tremendous amount of plastic, but in addition, packaging materials are 100% recyclable as well. We pushed the boundaries of what is technically feasible in order to develop a stable, yet more sustainable packaging reducing as much material as possible.



For us at Bakic Group sustainability is not just a catchy word or a convenient marketing slogan. Working on sustainable options for the cosmetic industry is part of our identity and what thrives us to do better. Our experts are constantly working very hard on new and better developments. One project that we’re very proud of is our Laurie PCR mono material cap and liner. It is the perfect match for various of our PCR glass jars and is truly innovative! It can be made out of PCR material and can be colored in any color range you can imagine, because we were able to achieve a unique white color purity. The fact that the cap and the liner are both made of mono material rounds this concept up perfectly.


Our Mimosa color cosmetic compacts have soft, modern and flowing design features which turn this round compact into a very unique line. The design expresses organic, clean and modern elegancy and is the perfect fit for color cosmetic lines. The range is complimented by the use of different sustainable materials such as PP, PCR-PP or bio-resins. Our German production site near Frankfurt is specialized and fully automated in the manufacturing of compacts made of post-consumer-recyclates (PCR). These compacts make a positive sustainable contribution by saving virgin materials through its recyclability and the usage of recyclates.

Are you interested in more info about one of our products or are you planning on stopping by our booth at Paris Packaging Week 2023? Just click at the bottom below and get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting!