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Channoine-Cosmetic-Culture Vegan Formulation – a range of cosmetics which leaves nothing to be desired.


The Liechtenstein-based company Channoine, which has been developing and marketing the highest quality cosmetics and dietary supplements since 1984, is setting a new standard in beauty care with its CCC complete beauty care system. And exclusive cosmetic products deserve an exclusive design.


This design reflects the most precious ingredients from A to Z in print form and illustrates the complexity of these superlative quality substances by means of intricate finishing techniques. Fresh iriodin effect blue and green pastel tones represent innovative anti-aging components and deep-acting intensive hydration, whilst fine metallic gold and gold foil reflect the sumptuous oils. Laser techniques on the primary packaging and multilayered embossments on the boxes symbolise a beauty care system which penetrates from the uppermost to the lowest layers of the skin.


A shopping bag, a brochure presenting the entire range and an exclusive flyer, all matching the product design, have also been developed and are on a perfect par with the packaging in terms of elegance and extravagance.


Packaging Design

foil finishing, multi-layer embossing & lacquer finishes

Graphic Design Shopping Bag

Folderdesign Perfect Beauty Cellular Boosting Nutriceutical

Folderdesign CCC Product Range