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Industrial design for Dr. Theo Krauss

The decisive factor was to implement the historical origin of the name in the design: The new brand is based on the historical figure Dr. Theo Krauss, a pharmacist, who already in the 1950s focused on the use of natural raw materials and proven ingredients, concentrating on the essentials and responsible treatment of man and nature.

Additionally, the packaging was designed to communicate the traditional and sustainable values of the „responsible pharmacist“


The packaging addresses the themes of sustainability and tradition by referencing traditional pharmaceutical containers in the design, which have been converted into sustainable plastics.

The packaging is almost exclusively made of recycled materials and is covered with vegan labels made of recycled material in an appealing retro look, which pay homage to the pharmacist. Bottles and jars consist of 98 percent recycled material and the cartons and folding boxes consist of at least 85 percent recycled cardboard.

The complete sortiment

Field of application of the product range