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Bakic Design GmbH worked in partnership with Amazon EU to create this exclusive clean beauty color cosmetic range. Our organization’s experience in providing turnkey and rapid go-to-market design and manufacturing solutions for the beauty industry greatly appealed to Amazon EU.


We were given full autonomy, whatever we thought would work best in creating a brand of substance. This allowed us to utilize a broad range of skills, such as qualitative research methods, social listening and crunching quantitative data provided by our client. We implemented the data into our creative design process and co-created the brand together with the potential target audience.


As a company, we are very much aware, that many NPDs fail, simply as they lack the understanding of the very consumer the respective product is aimed at. For us, a consumer-driven design approach was paramount, using our fast-tracked digital research methodologies to understand the market’s demand and the demographic’s behavioral and purchasing traits. The research insights informed brand positioning, design language and the online communication strategy.


Using such an insights-driven approach, we created a brand that reflects the expectations consumers have of a cosmetics brand in today’s day in age.


And this is how 224 was birthed. The brand name expresses 2day, 2morrow, 4ever and the design and products embody the values the brand stands for; look and feel good with clean beauty that respects nature and the environment.

224 uses less ingredients and the lowest possible amount of synthetic materials. The high-quality formulas are 100% vegan, not tested on animals and free of harmful additives, like parabens, mineral oil, nano materials, and silicone.

Contemporary color cosmetics for 2day 2morrow and 4ever.

The brand & packaging design expresses the brand’s character through its clarity and purity. White as base hue contrasted by a simplistic typography in black. All signets were carefully crafted and designed to express the product claims and on selected packagings we emotionalised and expressed our passion through richly coloured elements like the hearts.


224 is greening your colour care routine, based on the old principle that less is more!


Project scope: Brand & Packaging Design, Icon language, Digital & Communication