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Bakic Group is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of color cosmetic, skincare and haircare packaging. We have our own German production site in Fränkisch-Crumbach near Frankfurt where we specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality packagings for color cosmetics, closures and jars! Our family-run team at the production site has been developing and manufacturing for more than 70 years now! Our focus is the highly efficient and technology-driven development, manufacturing, and decoration of packaging and components. Our clients can choose from one of our standard packaging or we can create a truly custom design for them.


We stand for the highest level of QUALITY, RELIABILITY and FLEXIBILITY – all made in Germany!


The Mimosa color cosmetic compacts have soft, modern and flowing design features which turn this round compact into a very unique line. The design expresses organic, clean and modern elegancy and is the perfect fit for unique color cosmetic lines. The range is complimented by the use of different sustainable materials such as PCR-PP resin or SULAPAC® Bio-Resin, which consists of sustainably sourced wood and is fully biodegradable (acc. EN1342/ASTM D6400). Our German production site near Frankfurt is specialized and fully automated in the manufacturing of compacts made of post-consumer-recyclates (PCR). These compacts make a positive sustainable contribution by saving virgin materials through its recyclability and the usage of recyclates.


We are experts when it comes to the manufacturing of color cosmetic, skincare, and haircare packaging. We have been developing and manufacturing cosmetic packaging for more than 70 years and our family-run team is focused on highly efficient and technology-driven development, manufacturing, and decoration of packaging and components. We have state-of-the-art machines with a clamping pressure of 25 – 250 tons to manufacture both standardized and customized products. We also use injection molding and multi-component injection molding in these processes. The subsequent decoration and assembly complete our range of services. Many years of know-how in development and production enables us to deliver sophisticated and unique products. We use the expertise of our in-house toolmakers, sales and customer service employees and are very proud to have many successful, sustainable, and lasting relationship with our customers (some started working for us decades ago!). What truly makes us stand out from other competitors is that we are here to support you throughout the entire process and we’re able to cover the full project scope in-house.


Our Kairos Professional collection is a one of a kind high viscosity airless system designed to effectively and conveniently dispense thick products while providing high product stability, reduced contamination and a prolonged life of the product. The piston technology ensures high product restitution, the pump has a metal-free pathway, and the pumps come with a locking clip, to prevent accidental leaking during shipping. Functionality is not the only focus though; sustainability plays a big role as well. The products are refill-systems – consumers can keep the pumps and simply rebuy and reassemble the jars. This packaging provides the perfect haircare solution due to its ability to dispense a precise amount of product. The range is very intuitive, creative and an all-around style that targets a new generation of trend-setting professionals and stylists.

We listen to our customer’s needs, advise and assist them on all matters. We are committed to offering innovative, reliable, and proficient services to our customers. Our global perspective on design and trends combined with a healthy dose of German technical know-how enables our customers to become more successful on the market. Do you have any questions? We’re more than happy to answer all of them and tell you more about our products and services. Just click the bottom below and get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting!