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In today’s competitive cosmetic industry, premiumization in packaging has become more than just a trend. It is a powerful strategy!


But what makes a packaging stand out in a crowded environment? Premium packaging is characterized by several key factors that contribute to its high-quality appearance and functionality. We have more than 27 years of experience in the cosmetic sector and have been working with numerous customers in the premium and luxury branch.


Our knowledge shows that material, design, printing techniques, finishing touches and functionality have a crucial impact on the final appearance of a product. By combining these elements, premium packaging creates an elevated and memorable experience for the consumer while effectively communicating the brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication. As consumers increasingly seek out products that offer both efficacy and aesthetic pleasure, the role of premium packaging in the skincare industry will only continue to grow in the future.


Sticks are not entirely new to the market but are gaining on momentum like never before and they will literally stick around in the future! This success is fueled by their multi-functionality, convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. Sticks provide a very easy and fun way of applying various product types and formulations and allow consumers to quickly touch up and refine complexion during daily commuting or when they’re out and about. They’re simply the perfect solution for any beauty lover – especially if they are as stylish as our Mila stick! We can decorate our Mila sticks in many ways or offer custom design services to individualize shapes beyond decoration in order to adapt it to the individual needs of a brand.


Luxurious packaging creates an immediate sense of quality and elegance, capturing consumers’ attention and setting premium brands apart from the rest. The Minos line is an all-time classic that captivates with its high quality, clean and professional appearance thanks to its simple and cylindrical shape. It is a great choice for any kind of haircare or body products. The shape results in a great overall stability and the large label area offers enough room for your individual branding. Metalized highlights make this packaging stand out and gives it an extra detail of luxury. We have numerous packaging sizes and types available, and they can be combined with different caps, closures, sprayers and applicators.


In today’s highly competitive skincare market, premiumization in packaging has become more than just a trend—it’s a powerful strategy that brands can easily implement! Our Aqua Lux line combines cutting-edge design with premium quality materials for a sleek, durable, and eye-catching skincare packaging solution. The metalized finish adds a touch of glamour while providing a unique visual user experience. These glass jars and bottles (available in recycled glass as well) are timeless and convey premium appeal, stability and quality. The Aqua Lux line is available in many different sizes, packaging types and material and it is complemented by a unique A-shaped premium double wall piston airless which offers great decoration possibilities.

Superior materials such as high-grade plastics or durable glass are often used for premium packaging. These materials not only ensure product protection but also add to an aesthetic appeal. High-end packaging not only looks great but also feels great. Whereas thoughtful designs and attention to detail contribute to a overall high quality. This can include custom shapes, unique closures, or visually appealing patterns and textures. Our in-house designers are experts when it comes to developing customized solutions for our customers and can.


High-quality printing can also make a lot of difference and boost the perceived value of premium packaging. Printing methods, such as digital, offset or hot stamping create vibrant colors, crisp images and elegant finishes, resulting in an elevating appearance of the product. A quite common solution is embellishments, such as embossing, debossing or metallic foils, that add an extra layer of luxury and visual interest to the packaging.

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