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Structural Design AVA Dishwashing

AVA is one of the most traditional and long established brands of dishwashing liquid in the Greek market.

The market is characterized by a variety of competitive offers, dynamic activity, extended promotions and a significant presence of private label brands

Our mission was to support the growth potential of AVA, by maximising the impact of new structural brand assets and delivering a relevant and engaging structural proposition to consumers. The design had to provide for a highly convenient handling and ergonomic aspects in order to support the total usage experience of the consumer. Moreover, our task was to develop a shape that fullfills the requirements of a highly efficient and economically driven manufacturing, filling and supply chain.

“The design development of AVA demonstrates one of our core competencies: to mutually align the aspects of branding and design with manufacturing and operational requirements and therefore delivering gains to both interest groups” – Dominic Bakic


Market-, Structural and Ergonomic Studies

Structural design development

Design to Engineering Transfer

HD 3D Rendering and Prototyping