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Aqua Lux – Post Consumer Recycled Skin Care Packagings

The Bakic Group strongly believes, supports and pushes the principles of the  circular economy, aiming to design out waste and pollution and keeping products and materials in use. In this context we are introducing the Aqua Lux range in Post-Consumer-Recycling glass and plastics!


  • 34% PCR glass, while retaining an excellent clarity performance
  • 100% PCR plastic closures with mono-material liner
  • Saving Resources: by using recycled glass virgin resources are saved
  • Energy & CO2 savings: Producing PCR glass requires less energy and saves carbon emissions (1t of glass saves up to 580kg CO2)
  • 100% Recyclability: PCR glass is 100% recyclable and therefore closed loop


Please contact us below on how Aqua Lux could become part of your Skin Care experience or how we can support you with your specific sustainability strategy!