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Cosmetic Business 2022

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Lets get together and discover our latest innovations with respect to sustainability, design, functionality, textures and decorations …
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Bakic developed a more environmentally friendly and more sustainable packaging that answers consumer needs for more transparency, more naturalness, and more sustainability.

The Smooth 250ml bottle is one of the first truly lightweight bottles on the market without compromising on functionality. The innovation comes through a specific combination of bionic design and extrusion-technique thorough which we achieve material savings of approximately 50% compared to conventional bottles of this size.

This is a truly sustainable solution, since we not only save a tremendous amount of plastic, but in addition, packaging materials are 100 % recyclable. The screw cap allows the cap and bottle to be easily separated and disposed of. The packaging also offers to the consumer a real experience because the bottle is thinner and much more flexible and when consuming the product, the packaging gets smaller and smaller. At the end of the product lifecycle the consumer is delighted because he only disposes a very little amount of plastic which is consuming very little space.

Bakic pushed the boundaries of what is technically feasible to develop a stable, yet more sustainable packaging reducing as much material as possible.


Our in-house creative team works with clients on designs, brands, trending colors, formats, and textures. We explore what consumers are looking for and deep dive into the meaning behind colors, shape, design, and technology. Bakic Design explored these expressive colors for make-up with major pigments, glow and stay-all-day power for transformative and creative looks. Applying these vivid colors in a translucent way to our Lili Color packagings creates a unique and eye-catching brand appeal. Lili packagings are available as 59mm pressed powders, palettes with 2,3,4 and 6 pans, a lip-gloss and a lipstick.


The Cosima and Aqua Airless collections were designed to answer the ever-increasing demand by consumers for more premium and sophisticated products. Thanks to its special piston technology, the Cosima and Aqua packagings help to preserve beauty formulas, protecting them from external contamination. Clean lines and selective materials are suitable for endless decoration possibilities and to create the unique brand appeal. The Cosima Airless exist in 15ml and 30ml and the Aqua Airless in 30ml.

Creative services

We create holistic brand experiences, including brand design & strategy, tailored packagings & unique textures, and brand communication accross all media channels. The Gitti Lip Sync lip balm is a very modern and distinctive designed re-use Stick with a formulation consisting of 99% natural and vegan ingredients. Sustainable in all aspects: texture, design and packaging – holistically developed by Bakic Beauty.

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