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VISIT US | JUNE 14-15, 2023 | HALL 4, D04

We love to travel to various fairs throughout the globe and meet new people in the industry. But we’re also stoked about seeing friendly faces in our hometown Munich! Cosmetic Business 2023 is coming closer, and we can’t wait to show you our new projects, products, and innovations! Are you planning on coming? Let us know so we can arrange a meeting and tell you all the news in person. We’re excited to catch up and talk about what’s been going on in the packaging and beauty sector lately. Here’s a sneak-peak of what’s waiting for you…


Find us here: Hall 4, D04


Our Kairos Professional collection is a high viscosity airless system designed to effectively and conveniently dispense thick products while providing high product stability, reduced contamination and a prolonged life of the product. The piston technology ensures high product restitution, the pump has a metal-free pathway, and the pumps come with a locking clip, to prevent accidental leaking during shipping. Functionality is not the only focus; sustainability plays a big role as well. The products are refill-systems – consumers can keep the pumps and only rebuy and reassemble the jars. This packaging provides the perfect haircare solution due to its ability to dispense a precise amount of product. The range is very intuitive, creative and an all-around style that targets a new generation of trend-setting professionals and stylists. The Kairos Professional Urban Haircare line is raw and sophisticated, and the colors are inspired by urban fashion districts around the world – from streetstyle to runways.


We’ve already presented our innovative 3D color compact Mystic Jungle at Cosmoprof in Bologna a couple of weeks ago and you absolutely loved it! That’s why we’ve decided to create another mysterious jungle layout for you that teleports you into a whole new world as well. The colorful motive on the compact is inspired by a mysterious jungle and the leaves and animals on it seem to come alive once you start moving it. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight and we know that it will bring your makeup line to a whole new level. The compact is a very fun way of experiencing makeup, as its interactive and responsive. The 3-dimensional effect is uncanny and when you start moving the compact the motive starts moving as well. Another great aspect is that the decoration possibilities are endless, you decide which design you want to have on your compact and which represents your brand the best. It’s time to step into the mystical world of the jungle and embrace your wild side!


Kyoto is one of our premium skincare collections with jars and bottles available in many different capacities (from 15 to 500 ml). It is the ideal collection for a truly complete skincare and makeup line, from eye cream and serums to foundations, toners and even hair treatment packaging. Kyoto is a collection made of glass jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic tottles. The latter are HDPE bottles/tottles, and the bottles are also available in biobased HDPE or PCR-HDPE on request. The glass bottles and jars are made from high quality material and feature a thick bottom providing a premium appeal and a good size impression. The unique and iconic design makes Kyoto the best choice for any kind of product. The versatility of this collection lies in the infinite possibilities of glass and plastic decoration and the variety of combinations: Jars and bottles can be combined with many different caps, screw caps, cream pumps, spray pumps, droppers, dispenser pumps and disc top caps of our catalogue, depending on your needs. This particular line in nude and earthy tones expresses clarity and minimalism. The colors add warmth and depth to the packaging, and they blend very well with almost any type of decoration. It is a visual signature for the current wave of sustainable beauty products and allows new brands to elevate simplicity. The non-glossy matted or slightly structured surfaces create a natural and approachable feeling.


Lip gloss applicators are essential in any makeup lover’s collection and having the right applicator can honestly make all the difference. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, each offering a unique experience. We have many different options to choose from – let‘s find out more about some of them and their individual benefits. From left to right:


1) First of all, a very popular applicator with a flat tip. This flat tip makes it easier to put product on and avoids messy application as it only grabs a smaller amount of product. It’s the perfect choice for fuller lips. 2) The long applicator with a round tip is ideal for lip glosses, lip caring formulations, liquid eyeshadow, or highlighters. The large surface ensures extra comfort and voluminous results. 3) This teardrop shaped applicator has a hole in the middle that serves as a reservoir that carries product. The unique shape ensures the perfect application thanks to the pointy tip. 4) Next is the ball-shaped applicator that is great for fuller lips, because it allows you to use more product. Its round tip results in a comfortable and pleasant feeling whilst simultaneously providing extensive and accurate application. 5) Last but not least, the most common type of lip gloss applicator that features a small sponge tip. It is soft and flexible, making it easy to apply the product evenly and precisely. And the slanted angle fits nicely with your lips’ natural contours. Each applicator was designed for individual needs and wishes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ones and get in touch with us to find out more about their unique benefits!

Are you interested in more info about one of our brand-new concepts or are you planning on visiting us at Cosmopack Bologna? Just click at the bottom below and get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting!