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Visit us at Vitafoods Geneva

Next stop Geneva: Vitafoods 2.0

We are proud to exhibit at the biggest trade fair for food supplements in Geneva for the second time, and to show what developments we have done in the meantime! New designs, new packaging’s and new application types have been developed throughout last year and we are super-excited to showcase them next week to you! Did we catch your interest? Then visit our team at our stand at F134 at the Vitafoods, and they will be happy to show you all our latest innovations!

360 degrees for your health!

See the result when we apply our holistic design and packaging approach to your product– differentiated premium design and packaging for a premium supplement! Our Lupo Fliptop jar (available in sizes of 41 mm or 78 ml to 220 mm or 380 ml) is chic and practical at the same time. The large opening is ideal for taking out capsules, pellets or powder. The handy fliptop lid complements the purist design and is made to be particularly easy to open/close with just one hand. The classy colour combination of subtle mint green with lavish golden hot-foil decoration creates a luxurious look and feel, and rightly puts the product in the top range. That’s how true inner and outer beauty looks!

The power of nature

A rare micro-algae lends the Astaxanthin products their red tone, and makes them into veritable energy bombs as well. Bursting with magnesium, vitamin C and natural caffeine, the drink concentrates, energy pearls and capsules will give your body a real boost. And you can see that straight away in the packaging appeal: The bold orange and red shows at first glance the strength hidden in Astaxanthin and nicely combines it with the delicate natural bronze logo of the company Bärbel Drexel. The interplay of text, colour and design is simple and modern whilst conveying the sustainability and closeness to nature which the brand name stands for.

Perfectly pumped (up)!

Drink supplements in syrup form which ensure greater fitness, youth, health and well-being are becoming ever more popular and in vogue. Our pump PU 570 will offer your customers simple and elegant usage of your product. Its 4 to 5 ml dispensing volume makes it particularly suitable for thick, heavily viscous liquids and ensures perfect emptying of residual contents. The pump can be flexibly adapted to most screw threads and bottles (e.g. to our Kyoto and Kairos range too) and blends in with almost any colour and design thanks to its simple style. Our factory in Fränkisch-Crumbach can gladly fit your individual closure (as from a size of DIN 25) with a hole of 18.8 mm and mount them directly to ensure they have the exact pump size for your jar/bottle.