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Vitafoods 2018

You have the opportunity of experiencing the latest trends in food supplements at the Vitafoods event held in Geneva from 15.05. to 17.05: From exotic ingredients to innovative dosage forms through to novel packaging designs – everything will be covered. This year will also mark the first time that we will present our innovative, colourful and aesthetically pleasing packaging concepts for the food supplement sector there. We look forward to finding creative and practical solutions for your product together with you that will not only support your beauty and health from the inside out but will also convince through their appealing look across the whole line thanks to the attractive design. Just pay us a visit at our stand A74!


An extra dose of care for your hair? For example, strengthening inside and out, with collagen capsules, shampoo and spray. Our standard range offers a wide selection of packaging, ideal for use with your hair care products, while at the same time providing a modern, dynamic and consistent overall image for your dietary supplements. This is what hair care today is all about: holistic, uniformly packaged and impressive in its outer form, along with inner effectiveness.

Kairos 300ml with Lupo Fliptop cap | Kairos 250ml with Trigger pump | Lupo Fliptop jar with Lupo Fliptop cap


Athletic success is now increasingly supported by high quality dietary supplements, e.g. protein powder or L-carnitine capsules. Therefore it is all the more important that the packaging too, appears dynamic and valuable – to enable sport enthusiasts to identify with the product. Our range of packaging not only stands out with its versatility and beautiful designs, but also offers a modern container for capsules, powders and tablets that perfectly meets the requirements of high-quality supplements and at the same time promises the highest level of practicability in handling.

Lupo Fliptop jar 500ml, 300ml and 200ml


Rich serums and light body sprays provide the skin with an extra moment of indulgence and lasting care. In addition, our elegant droppers also visually convey the feeling of pure luxury. In addition, they also enable ultra-precise dosing of products and almost complete emptying. Premium design and state-of-the-art technology merge to form a harmonious whole in which functionality is in no way inferior to an appealing exterior.

Aqua Lux glass bottle 100ml with spraypump | Aqua glass bottle 30ml with dropper | Lupo Fliptop Jar 50ml with Lupo Fliptop cap

Lupo Fliptop jar 116mm, 142,5mm, 50ml and 25ml