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The entire team at Bakic wishes you a Merry Christmas filled with joy and happiness! What an exciting and eventful year 2022 has been… We wanted to take the opportunity and thank each and every one of you for the great collaboration, the trust in us as a company and all the exciting projects last year.


Let’s take a moment to relax, spend quality time with our loved ones and have a break before the new year. We’re looking forward to all the new chapters and new projects that are waiting for us!




Team Bakic


Packaging is fundamental to our everyday life and our biggest passion. We’ve gained a lot of experiences in this field and have accumulated a large product range in the last year. All our products come in a number of unique designs, shapes, volumes and various types of material to help keep the contents clean and fresh!


For us, sustainability is not just a trend, but part of our identity. That is why many of our skincare lines at Bakic can either be made of recycled plastic, biomaterial or recycled glass locally from Europe. One of our all-time classics is the Aqua skincare line. It captivates with its timeless and elegant shape. The stylish jars and bottles convey premium appeal, stability and quality. Whereas the Kyoto line combines uniqueness, extravagance and slender beauty. The design is a blend of edges and radius, catching every eye with interest.


Color cosmetic packaging is a very crucial part of a brand’s presence. A creative and innovative packaging attracts a greater number of consumers and increases the product’s shelf life in stores. How do you like our Cosima tottle? It is the perfect packaging for liquid foundation thanks to its gentle and feminine curves and its timeless yet elegant design. Or do you prefer our classic the Futura line? The slightly conical shape makes this design elegant, unique and an attractive fit for every skin care product.


We have more than 80 individual products from 22 different lines to choose from in the hair- and bodycare sector! Whatever you need to package, we’ll help you package it! The Demeter packaging line for instance, has a gentle and soft, leaf-shaped, assymetric design allowing for an extraordinary look and feel for every skin care brand. Or maybe our Kairos Professional collection is the perfect match for you? It is a high viscosity airless system designed to effectively and conveniently dispense thick products while providing high product stability, reduced contamination and a prolongued life of the product.