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Lili color packaging line

Die Lili Color Linie existiert in folgenden Größen:

  • Lili pressed powder compact, alternativ mit Spiegel oder transparentem Deckel
  • Lili kleine Palette für zwei (Ø36,3 x 3,5mm) oder drei (Ø26,2 x 3,5mm) Pudersteine
  • Lili große Palette für vier (Ø26,2 x 3,5mm) oder sechs (Ø26,2 x 3,5mm) Pudersteine
  • Lili Lipgloss 3ml (OFC 5ml +/-0,3ml)
  • Lili Lippenstift mit 12,7mm Durchmesser


Folgende Veredelungsoptionen stehen für Lili zur Auswahl: Heißfolienprägung, Digitaldruck, Siebdruck, Lackierung und Metallisierung.

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Lili powder compact

The 59mm pressed powder compact is the perfect complement to our Lili packaging line. Like the palettes, they also have a special closure that feels like they are magnetic. The compact is available with and without a mirror.


This detailed view shows how aesthetically pleasing the frameless mirror looks and how it fits perfectly into the packaging. The clear edge guidance and curves perfectly complement and round off the packaging.

Lili palette

The small palette with two (Ø36,3 x 3,5mm) or three (Ø26,2 x 3,5mm) wells, makes it possible to have the basic colors always with you, because less is more. With selected colors for contouring or eye shadow, it is a must-have in every cosmetic bag.

Our unique and innovative locking mechanism closes like a magnet without using a magnet. This perfectly protects the products from drying out and dirt and gives our packaging a glamorous application feeling.

The thin design of the palettes makes them look even more premium. With the right color combintions and finishing, it is a packaging of the extra class.

The mirrors of the Lili line are frameless, which gives the packaging a high-quality and sleek look. They are adapted to the rounded shape of the packaging and are absolutely unique!

Lili Lipstick

Even if the pandemic and the heavy use of face masks has seen less lipstick action, it does not mean that consumers are abandoning their lipsticks in a forgotten drawer.
Actually, the interest in red lipstick is steadily rising.
Why does this happen?
The lipstick effect is a proven phenomenon that takes place especially in times of crisis.
It happens when consumers still spend money on small indulgences during recessions, economic downturns, or when they personally have little cash. Even if they do not have enough to spend on big-ticket luxury items, many still find the cash for purchase for small luxury items, such as premium lipstick.
Furthermore, putting lipstick on not only boosts one’s confidence and mood, but it is also part of that routine that fosters a sense of normalcy, especially during this endless home office. The fact that interest in red lipstick is rising is quite understandable, consumers want to escape their casual home routine and wear something fancy and also uplifting.


Lili Lipgloss

The lip gloss impresses with its transparent and high-quality design. The curves are based on the rest of the line and there is the possibility of several finishing options.