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skincare packaging for science backed products

The last 20 years have seen incredible innovations in the science of skincare and science-backed products have been rising to the spotlight in the beauty industry.
Especially on social media, it is observable the rise in popularity of skincare experts, dermatologists & chemists, debunking skincare myths and providing scientific answers to consumers’ skincare questions.
There are many reasons why science-backed skincare products have been going strong: consumers want to learn about what’s into their products and what goes on their skin, they are not falling for marketing stunts anymore and want to invest in trusted, effective products. But the final blow to the ever-growing interest in this category of products, has been given by the pandemic.

During the past year, consumers have been trying to keep calm and staying rational by listening to the opinion of doctors, scientists & experts and this need for reassurance has leaked also into their skincare needs. The amplified focus on health has changed consumers’ priorities and the rise of science-backed products highlights the need of consumers for products that have been created by experts, products that have been undergoing serious testing, have reliable & effective ingredients, and are safe to use.


It is likely that this need will be growing steadily also post-pandemic and we will be able to observe an increase in clinical, science-backed brands that can evidence claims.
For example, Deciem‘s cult skincare brand The Ordinary uses established, science-backed ingredients that are cheap to manufacture, offering consumers simple but effective products.


Kairos Packaging

  • Kairos bottle 200ml PE/PETG with Stella screw cap
  • Kairos bottle 125ml PE/PETG with Stella screw cap
  • Kairos bottle 100ml with Viola Pump
  • Kairos glass bottle 50ml with Viola pump
  • Kairos Dropper 15ml + 30ml
  • Celine jar 50ml PP with Laurie cap
  • Celine glass jar 15ml + 50ml with Laurie cap

The Dosage makes the poison

The fact that the Clean Beauty movement has banned some ingredients from their INCI, it does not mean that those ingredients are inherently bad, it is the concentration that matters and the concentrations of the soc-called bad ingredients in skincare products is so infinitely low that it is more likely to experience side effects from natural ingredients.

Packaging that offers dosing and dispensing functionalities are therefore highly appreciated by consumers, since they allow for precise application and dosing and therefore convey the products and brands message. The Kairos dropper has a very gentle push-button mechanism to suck-in the right amount of serum and comes with a wiper that cleans-off product from the outer side of the pipette.


Color coding of products is an effective way to strengthen brand recognition and line segmentation and thus leads to attention at the shelves and good line-up navigation for consumers. Especially for skincare products the use of color is a crucial element to express the brands values and differentiate from the crowd. In addition, the shape and material of the bottles and jars is also very important since it underlines the brands message and is the physical touchpoint between brand and consumer. Bakic Aqua packaging line has a simplistic and iconic shape language and forms a great line-up.

Aqua Packaging

  • Aqua bottle 200ml HDPE with Stella screw cap
  • Aqua bottle 175ml HDPE with Foamer
  • Aqua bottle 125ml HDPE with Stella screw cap
  • Aqua bottle 75ml HDPE with Lupo Fliptop cap
  • Aqua glass bottle 30ml with Viola pump
  • Aqua glass jar 50ml with Laurie cap
  • Aqua jar 3-7ml PP with Laurie cap

Celine Line

One of Bakic’s hero stock packaging ranges is the Celine line. The glass jar captivates with its high-quality appearance and is versatile in use, due to its simple, cylindrical shape. The basic shape of the bottles are also cylindrical, but have a unique look due to their built-in edge. Filled with high-quality products tested and developed by dermatologists, the Celine line is an exceptionally premium product line that takes your facial care to the next level. Upon request, Celine glass jars are available in PCR glass!

Celine Packaging

  • Celine bottle 200ml HDPE with Viola Pump
  • Celine bottle 100ml HDPE with Lisa screw cap
  • Celine jar 200ml PP with Laurie cap
  • Celine jar 100ml PP with Laurie cap
  • Celine jar 50ml PP with Laurie cap
  • Celine glass jar 50ml with Laurie cap
  • Celine glass jar 15ml with Laurie cap