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Beauty- and Nutritional Supplements Report

Insight report BY BAKIC DESIGN

Market Driver Beauty:


  • Omnipresent beauty and the ongoing beautification and maintenance trends
  • The notion that smooth skin’s, hair’s and nail’s secret comes from within the body (see the prevalence of collagen in a wide array of products – beauty and wellness from the inside out)
  • The inside-out effect: nowadays the inner beauty is a very important aspect. Products such as ELASTEN®, a unique collagen drink, or so called convenient „beauty drinks“ are supporting this trend

Market Driver Active Lifestyle:


  • STRONG NOT SKINNY TREND – the society’s emphasis on leading active lifestyles
  • This trend has led to the »ERKENNTNIS« that sports nutrition is no longer the domain of athletes; it moves to the MAINSTREAM
  • The role of technology in helping to define and sustain the individual nutritional profile


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Market Driver Natural & Organics:


  • Natural and organic has never been more popular. The movement towards healthier, wellness-oriented lifestyles around the world – complemented by a growing consumer awareness of sustainability, naturality and ethical labelling, for example, has influenced personal attitudes and ultimately, impacted everyday spending habits.
  • The development of novel formulations with natural, organic and herbal ingredients.
  • Powerful antioxidants, such as raw cacao and matcha are poised to witness strong growth.

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